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Tea’s History

The history of tea began about 5.000 years ago. According to legend told in India, Prince Dharma reached out to bring the Buddhist faith to China.


Therefore, he made a promise to waive sleep for nine years. But when, after three long years, sleep threatened to overcome him, he ate – lost in thought – a few leaves of an unknown bush. Instantly, all tiredness vanished, the prince was awake again and at full power, and felt able to fulfill his vow with the help of this newly discovered plant.

Tea-growing region Assam

On the plateau of Assam we find the largest coherent tea-growing area of India.

We source our high-quality teas, which are stimulating, strong & spicy, from these plantations.

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Black leaf tea

Our IndoNatura Black leaf teas S has a strong, fresh flavour and reaches its full, spicy taste with an optimum preparation according to the instructions given.

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The characteristic of IndoNatura CTC tea lies in the manufacturing process. CTC – Crush, Tear, Curl. This procedure shortens the fermentation, which results in a particularly strong black tea.

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Assam white tea

With our IndoNatura Assam white tea we offer a very special type of tea. It is extracted from the closed leaf buds of the tea plants, and fermentation is conducted in a very gentle way.  Another special feature: white tea is particularly suitable for a second or even a third infusion, hence unfolds its broad variety of tastes.