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Indonatura Creams

Harnessing the benefits of traditional Ayurveda, Indonatura’s range of safe and pure facial creams help unleash your natural glow.


Nectar for your pure skin, these creams are available in various customized blends, suitable for all kinds of skin types. It’s time to pamper your senses. Nourish your skin!

Naturalissimi Products
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Anti-Aging Creme

Naturalissimi Anti Aging Cream with Ayurvedic Oils is an unique natural formulation using the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge to help keep your skin supple, lustrous and glowing. The special oils increase your skins’ vitality making you look several years younger.

Anti-Blemishing Cream

Remove the dark patches and pigmentation from your skin with Naturalissimi Anti-Blemishing Cream with Ayurvedic Oils. Extremely effective for blur imperfections, dark circles and blemishes, nourish your skin by eliminating dead skin cells, and removing excess oil and impurities from your face.

Glowing Face Cream

Deeply cleanse and purify your skin to bring that healthy radiance, to make heads turn. Rejuvenate your skin with the Glowing Face Cream with Ayurvedic Oils, made from the blend of Papaya fruit extract, essential root extracts and oils.

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Psoracare Cream with Ayurvedic Oils

Naturalissimi Psoracare Cream with Ayurvedic Oils is an ideal cure for psoriasis. Our specially formulated cream is developed by an Ayurvedic Institute in South India which has many years’ of experience in treating psoriasis. Our cream relieves itching, provides natural cooling and makes your skin supple.

Skin Toning Cream

Hydrate, tone and revive your skin to make it velvety smooth and even toned with the Skin Toning Cream with Ayurvedic Oils.

Underarms Whitening Cream

Bid those dark spots under the arms goodbye and welcome a more natural-looking tone with soft skin with the Underarms Whitening Cream with Ayurvedic Oils.